ABIKUS Guidelines 2007


The Acquired Brain Injury Knowledge Uptake Strategy (ABIKUS) Guideline was designed to provide evidence based recommendations for rehabilitation of persons with moderate and severe Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in the post acute period. The recommendations apply to all age groups unless otherwise stated.


The primary users of the ABIKUS Guideline will be healthcare professionals. However, the ABIKUS Guideline may also be used by stakeholders (policy makers, funding bodies), rehabilitation support workers who provide rehabilitation care for acquired brain injury patients and persons with brain injury and their families. Ultimately this should assist clinicians to provide the most effective treatment based on the current best evidence. These recommendations are intended to serve as a guide for providers, and clinical discretion should be used by all who are following the ABIKUS EBR (Evidence Based Recommendations).


The target population these recommendations are developed for are persons with moderate and severe ABI. In most instances, these will be people with traumatic brain injury, however, the recommendations may be applicable to other forms of ABI as noted in particular recommendations.