Effects of Ethylhydroxybisphosphonate in the Treatment of Heterotopic Ossification

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Spielman et al. (1983)

Population: Head Injury; Gender: Male=16; Female=4. Treatment Group: Mean Age=31yr; Mean GCS Score=5.2. Control Group: Mean Age=27yr; Mean GCS Score=5.5.
Treatment: The prospective treatment group (n=10) received EHDP (20mg/kg/d for 12wk, 10mg/kg/d for next 12wk) within 2-7d post injury which continued for 6mo. The control group (n=10) was retrospective and did not receive EHDP.
Outcome Measure: Presence of fractures and development of HO. 

  1. The EHDP treated group showed a significantly lower incidence of HO compared with controls (2 vs. 7 patients; p<0.025).

  2. Of the 9 that developed HO, 25 sites were affected; elbows (35%), shoulders (29%), hips (18%) and knees (18%) were most common. 7 individuals had restricted limb motion and 2 had ankylosis.