15. Fatigue and Sleep Disorders

Shannon Janzen MSc, Rachel Anderson BSc, Heather MacKenzie MD, Magdalena Mirkowski MSc MScOT OT Reg.(Ont.), Ali Bateman MD, Shawn Marshall MD FRCPC, Robert Teasell MD FRCPC 

Chapter 15 Abbreviations

Fatigue is one of the more commonly reported symptoms associated with brain injury (Duclos et al. 2014; Elovic et al. 2005) and can exacerbate other co-morbidities. One of the greatest challenges is in properly defining fatigue; a clear definition is integral to determining how it should be measured and managed. It is believed that fatigue is a subjective experience and thus is not easily assessed by objective measures (Lewis & Wessely 1992). Individuals experiencing fatigue report it as a feeling of tiredness, weakness or exhaustion (Rao et al. 2006).


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