15. Fatigue and Sleep Disorders

Shannon Janzen MSc, Heather MacKenzie MD, Jo-Anne Aubut BA, Shawn Marshall MD MSc FRCPC, Nicholas Sequeira BSc (c), Robert Teasell MD FRCPC

Chapter 15 Abbreviations

Fatigue has been and remains one of the more common symptoms associated with and reported on by those who have sustained a brain injury (Elovic et al. 2005). Over the years, researchers, physicians and psychologists have all tried to define fatigue: What is it? How do we measure it? How do we treat it? It is believed that fatigue is a subjective experience and thus not easily assessed by objective measures (Lewis & Wessely 1992). It is also believed that because fatigue is common with all who sustain a brain injury, it is therefore not related to damage within a specific area of the brain (Lezak 1978).


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